Hamza Yasin and Chris Packham

Hamza Yasin and Chris Packham want young people to register to vote in the next election

Naturalists Chris Packham and Hamza Yassin urged young people to get involved with the climate crisis “before it’s too late”.

The TV presenters said climate change is “the most important issue facing all of humanity”.

Speaking at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, he encouraged young people he watched to register to vote.

“The parties’ manifestos will have commitments to deal with climate change,” Packham said.

The BBC’s Springwatch presenter added: “If you don’t watch them, you’re ignoring your future,” warning that the situation is getting dangerous.

Cad Taylor, Chris Packham and Hamza Yassin

The pair spoke to BBC journalist Cade Taylor before taking to the stage at Latitude Festival.

Wildlife experts are part of the “Invention”. Schools climate meetingIt aims to educate children and teenagers about climate change.

Speaking to Radio Suffolk Before they took to the stage, Strictly Come Dancing winner and wildlife cameraman Yasin said he wanted to inspire the next generation’s interest in the natural world.

By developing their interest in the planet, young people hope to protect it.

“If we keep going the way we are, the world will keep turning without us in it. We created the problems, so why don’t we start solving them?”

“We gave our grandparents a chance, we gave our parents a chance, but now it’s our chance. Jump before you’re pushed. Get out there and make a difference before you do, because at least you have a choice.”

Yasin talking to small children

After the speech, Yasin spoke about the environment and the future of his children.

Packham said young people should start preparing for a life “very different from ours” and “take the appropriate steps to adapt to the future and make their lives comfortable”.

They should have hope for the future as we still have a chance to fix things, he added.

Schools climate meeting

Schools Climate Summit organizes TV presenters to inspire the younger generation on the occasion

“We have a whole set of tools to stop decay. We know we need to move away from industrial agriculture to a plant-based diet. We know we need to get rid of fossil fuels and invest in renewables.”

“We can restore and repair habitats and introduce species. We have the capacity to do that, but we’re too late. We want these changes to continue widely and quickly before it’s too late.”

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