June 24 reported

It’s something you’d never expect to see on a normally quiet Sunday afternoon. A shootout ensued between police and a wanted murder suspect. A gunfight took place in front of you.

Channel 2’s Larry Sproul He spoke to Corey Cloud on Sunday afternoon. Cloud recalled a chaotic moment in a Jonesboro apartment complex as police tried to find a dangerous suspect.

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“There was a gentleman in his backyard, a naked man with a gun, bent over a fence. He was begging me to open the door and let him in. The police came through the front door and opened the back door. He immediately started shooting in the house. An officer shot and killed him. An officer shot and the officers shot him like 8 times,” Cloud said.

News Drone 2 He flew over the scene on Sunday. Police tape appears in the backyard, where the shooting took place.

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Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts confirmed Channel 2 action news The man involved in the shooting is wanted for homicide suspect Andre Longmore. “He was engaged by officers at the residence. After that contact, today there was an exchange of fire that killed and injured the visiting officers. Roberts said.

Police say Longmore shot and killed two Clayton County officers and a Henry County sheriff’s deputy in a shooting on Wagwheel Lane.

Investigators say it all happened around 10:45 a.m. Saturday morning in a mass shooting in the Dogwood Lakes subdivision in Hampton. That’s when Longmore shot and killed four people near his home. He later stole an SUV and left the area.

Cloud told Channel 2 Action News’ Larry Spruill that he knew what was going on, but never expected to be caught in the middle, “once the police opened the back door.” He immediately started making rounds in the house. There were too many rounds of ammunition in such a small space. The only thing running through my mind was am I shot? I was actually trying to crawl behind the couch because there were so many shots at once. Claude said.

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