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Barrow County deputies are searching. The man who shot and killed the district attorney’s detectiveThey stopped a couple in their car and handcuffed a woman before letting them go a few minutes later.

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“In addition to the trauma, the PTSD, we feel like our civil rights were violated and it was humiliating.” Tiffany Johnson said.

Johnson said she and her husband were driving to dinner last Friday night when deputies surrounded their vehicle and ordered them to get out of their car with their hands up at gunpoint.

“He was handcuffing me so hard he was walking me backwards, and I nearly tripped over there,” Johnson said.

Deputies stopped their black Porsche SUV because it matched the initial description of the vehicle driven by the man who shot and killed a Gwinnett County District Attorney’s detective in Auburn that night.

About twenty minutes before the deputies pulled over, Gwinnett County police stopped her husband on the side of the road driving near the scene of the shooting, Johnson said.

Johnson said police handled that stop differently than deputies and did not draw weapons.

“They took his license, tied him up, cleared him, thank you for your time and he’s on his way,” Johnson said.

Johnson said her husband, a fifty-something Navy veteran, bears no resemblance to the 27-year-old shooting suspect. Tyler Moore, who surrendered in Gwinnett County Detention two days after the shooting.

Moore was driving a silver colored SUV.

Barrow deputies released the couple after speaking to Gwinnett and learning about the previous stop.

Johnson said she suffered a minor shoulder injury from being handcuffed. But she says the emotional pain she and her husband went through was worse.

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“You’re just joking, sorry about that. Wrong place, wrong time. A formal apology is fine. “But to shed light on this situation, you know when you’ve got the wrong person, I don’t think the way to handle it is to have the police armoured.” Johnson said.

The pair say law enforcement agencies need to communicate better.

Channel 2 action news The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office did not return calls for comment on the situation.

However, the sheriff’s office released video of the interaction between deputies and the couple.

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