Adam Diver

Adam Diver swam between Fleetwood in Lancashire and the Isle of Man

A former soldier who is believed to be the first person to swim from England to the Isle of Man has been praised for his support for veterans – and now he is preparing for a new adventure.

Adam Diver later receives an award Completion of 32 miles (51 km) ride in May, raising £10,000.

He said he would collect the gong on behalf of a group of veterans who had helped me with his test.

The 46-year-old is now looking to swim 28 miles (45km) across the River Wyre.

Mr Driver, a former army captain from Fleetwood, said he wanted to raise awareness of water pollution.

His island challenge saw him accompanied by a group of around 12 ex-servicemen in boats and kayaks.

Many had their own mental health struggles, and the money raised went to the Healthy Heroes charity.

“It took me two weeks to get my body back to normal,” Mr Driver said after the trip, during which he was regularly stung by jellyfish, including in the face.

“I don’t want to go back to the sea for a while.”

A veteran of 27 years in the army Thanks to the Lord-Lieutenants For his support at Lancaster Town Hall.

He said: “I was a welfare officer at the end of my career and looked after soldiers with post-traumatic stress and other mental health problems and it was something close to my heart.

“I’ve been through my own battles.”

he said when talking about his new swimming goal. BBC Radio Lancashire He plans to start the trip later this year, east of Garstang “before the river lets me get a wave of kayakers and paddle boarders”.

“At certain points we will be testing the river for pollution. It’s all about raising awareness of pollution in rivers and streams around the UK,” he said.

Various water facilities have been criticized. Raw sewageThis can have an impact Wildlife health.

Mr Diver is hoping to enlist the support of singer Fergal Sharkey, who has been campaigning for better water quality for years.

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