Ephion Williams.  Chief Executive of Circular Economy Wales

Efion Williams Recycling plastics is a big challenge to reduce waste.

Sorting your trash from recyclables may seem like a bit of a chore, but separating the different types of plastic in your trash can help provide one with an artificial leg.

A new plan is to recycle unwanted plastic instead of sending it to landfill.

Conwy and Rhonda Sinon are launching a TAF project to reduce expensive plastics waste.

The Welsh Government It has set a target of zero waste by 2050.

The project helps recycle different plastics into different things.

Prosthetic limbs can be made from oil bottles, cabinets and chessboards can be made from bottle caps, and purses can be made from plastic bags.

Effion Williams, chief executive of conservation group Circular Communities Cymru, said getting the most out of plastic is a major challenge in creating a circular economy – materials that are recycled and not thrown away.

“There are seven different types of plastic and if they are combined and made into a composite, it is very difficult to solve that,” he said.

“It’s very expensive, so if we can keep those polymers in the same way that we sort out our paper, tin and glass, we’re taking steps towards a circular economy level.”

“It’s just a case of telling people to recycle because it’s the right thing to do, it’s giving them tangible benefits in their hands,” Mr Williams said.

Andromeda Thomas.  Crop Cycle Treherbert Coordinator.  BBC copyright

Andromeda believes that the idea of ​​separating different types of plastic for recycling is gathering speed

Andromeda Thomas is co-ordinator of the environmental group CropCycle Treherbert, which shares space with Precious Plastic on a former petrol station in the city centre.

“I think people here can see things in action, which is great,” she says.

“I think there is always a long way to go and there is always room for improvement, but this can be an example for other people and at the same time we can explore different ideas and move things forward.”

Gwynfor Jones, 18, started as an apprentice in crop cycle planning and is now the youngest member of staff.

“Before this project came, I thought that the milk bottle was one plastic, but no, the lid is a different color, different plastic from the actual bottle.

“So you can get three, four types of plastics in one thing.”


At Nanticows Recycling Center near Carmarthen, people can buy leftover paint instead of new cans to reduce waste.

At Nanticows Recycling Centre, near Carmarthen, a new reuse project called Canolfan Eto is helping to deliver a circular economy in the county as well as becoming a leader in reuse and recycling in Wales.

The aim is to find a new use for discarded items.

Customers can purchase items including furniture, paint, bicycles, garden tools and more.

Schemes such as Precious Plastics are expected to help ensure Wales reaches its ambitious target of zero waste by 2050.

According to comparable international data to hand, Wales ranks third in the world for recycling, after Germany and Taiwan.

Wales’ recycling efforts save 400,000 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year.

The Welsh Government admits more needs to be done and says it will soon introduce recycling regulations in the workplace, single-use plastics and extended producer responsibility.

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